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Serbian Kindergarten, Primary School, High School and Dormitory


   The only officially recognized national institution in teaching Serbian language with 13 classes (8+0+4) officially started to operate on 1st September 1993. Dormitory receives children who attend primary and secondary school as well.Till 1997 the school worked under very difficult conditions,in inadequate,building. From 1997,t has continued its work in a magnificent,restored building that provides optimal opportunities for successful education in their native language.Upbringing education goals and objectives of the school Serb's education,as members of national minorities according to the Hungarian educational system.

Upbringing education goals and objectives of the school

Serb's education,as members of national minorities according to the Hungarian educational system.

  • education in mother's language

  • cultivation of the Hungarian language and literary culture on the level of the mother'tongue

  • providing primary and secondary school level

  • preservation and development of national identity

  • preservation and maintenance of the national culture
          (folklore dance, music,drama club,the school newspaper...)

  • protection of nature and environment (ecological section)

Specific objectives (goals)

  • music, education,body care

  • learning Hungarian as a foreign language

  • fostering talents-preparing for the Republic contest

  • optional learning foreign languages(English,German)pd grades 1-3

  • one class more for it and foreign language in the first and second year of high school

  • integration of students from other schools,as well as from areas where classes are not held in Serbian language,and integration of those pupils in regular classes

  • organizing Serbian language and literature exams for those who have a certificate of language proficiency level (level C)

  • music education for the pre-school aged children

General information

   In Serbian elementary and high school in Budapest can enrol students from the whole territory of Hungary as well as from the neighbuoring countries. The school fosters high standards in evaluating student's and teacher's work. It is located in the center of Budapest, in a renovated building, close to railway and bus station. The building was constructed in 1876 and it has a beautiful architecture. The facade is decorated with a memorial plaque Teresa Bruncvik.

   For students who do not live in Budapest is provided accommodation in modern student's dormitory, nearby the school building. There are all the necessary conditions for everyday student’s life. After regular classes students are helped by teachers in doing their homework at school. At the end of the week their free time is filled with a variety of cultural and sport activities such as visiting historical, cultural monuments in the city, visiting cultural events (theater, opera, concerts), trainings, tours, interesting lectures according to the student's interests.

   Teaching space offers a range of opportunities to students in acquiring knowledge and provides a good basis for further academic education.

   In the school there are numerous modern classrooms - for Serbian- Hungarian languages, foreign languages, IT, physics, biology and chemistry, history and geography, music education and art as well as a well- equipped gym. Within classes of physical education students are entitled to use other sport facilities in the city (swimming pools, ice skating rinks, sport fields).

   The library with reading room and a roof terrace offers excellent opportunities for development in free-time. Audio - visual means are satisfied by a studio, a main conference hall is an ideal space for the school ceremonies, various events, concerts and shared parenting and gatherings. Aula, by the way, is a sort of gallery space and there is a permanent exhibition of the works of our students, organised by the school each spring. School, also, has a hall for religious education, special rooms for learning (for primary school as well as for the high school), a big canteen with a kitchen.

Serbian Kindergarten, Primary School, High School and Dormitory Nikola Tesla 

1074 Budapest, Rózsák tere 6-7
tel: +36-1351-6550 fax: +36-1351-6554

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