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Serbian Kindergarten, Primary School, High School and Dormitory

   The work is organized in three groups of children aged 3-6 years old.
   Well-planned and purposeful activities are based on the most modern principles of kindergaten education. The child and his personality is at the forefront. All activities take place throughout the game, which is the most natural form of learning and skills at this age group. Special attention is paid to the mental and physical characteristics of the most sensitive age. The children are surrounded by love and respect...

   Lessons in lower classes are held in Serbian language. In the first grade we learn Cyrillic letters while Hungarian letters in the second grade. In the third grade in Serbian we study Latin and we have English classes as well. Next to Serbian and Hungarian class in fourth grade we learn English alphabet. In our history lessons students pay special attention to Serbian culture and tradition, in that way we celebrate both, Serbian and Hungarian holidays...

 The only officially recognized national institution in teaching Serbian language with 13 classes (8+0+4) officially started to operate on 1st September 1993. Dormitory receives children who attend primary and secondary school as well. From 1997,t has continued its work in a magnificent,restored building that provides optimal opportunities for successful education in their native language.Upbringing education goals and objectives of the school Serb's education,as members of national minorities according to the Hungarian educational system...

    For students of our school who don’t live in Budapest, accommodation is possible in two dormitories, one of which is situated near school, in Rozsa street No. 5, while the other one is in the center of the city – Tekelijanum, in Veres Palne street No. 17. In the two dormitories we provide all the necessary conditions for life and work of students. In dormitories we have rooms with three, four and six beds. On every floor there is one common room, three bathrooms and one kitchen...

Serbian Kindergarten, Primary School, High School and Dormitory Nikola Tesla 

1074 Budapest, Rózsák tere 6-7
tel: +36-1351-6550 fax: +36-1351-6554

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