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Serbian Kindergarten, Primary School, High School and Dormitory


 The school as an educational institution includes: 

Serbian kindergaten in Budapest

   The work is organized in three groups of children aged 3-6 years old.

   Well-planned and purposeful activities are based on the most modern principles of preschool education.

    The child and his personality is at the forefront.


    All activities take place throughout the game, which is the most natural form of learning and skills at this age group.

  Special attention is paid to the mental and physical characteristics of the most sensitive age.

    The children are surrounded by love and respect.

   A solid sincere cooperation is cherished between families and kindergarten institution,which is only a supplement to the family education.

   Commemorative programmes and public appearances are often organized.

   Children participate in art competitions.

   Kindergarten cooperates and exchanges experiences with other nationalities kindergartens in Hungary.

   All activities, organized and free, throughout the day, using the Serbian language, whose adoption, fostering and enriching is paid great attention to because of that children attending the kindergarten without knowledge of Serbian language. In a period of a year they speak it at the level of communication, and to the beginning of primary school the level of knowledge and richness of the differences allowes children uninterrupted tracking of teaching in the first grade.

   Every year the Serbian kindergarten provides a sufficient number of children in the first grade in our school. Children are well prepared and have all the necessary prerequisites for further education.

    Enrollment in kindergarten is held each year in May.

    All interested parents can gain any information about us to become familiar with the requirements for the child care and working methods of the kindergarten.

    National and cultural identity is fostered via songs, stories, folk dances and optional attendance to religious classes ...

Serbian preschool in Lórev

   Our kindergarten with a mixed group , works as the Serb ethnically kindergarten with socially bilingual educational function in order to develop personalities .

   Kindergarten is located in the same building with elementary sool. Rooms provide adequate comfort, are aesthetically attractive to children, who come from different family environment , welcomes clean internal and external environment .

    Lórev, a municipality in the southern part of Čepelske ade, is the only town in Pest county with majority of Serbian population. Therefore, the educational work must be adapted. Our pedagogical conception is that in the basic framework of kindergarten children develop the ability and form their personality with a focus on the game, spontaneous and planned learning, in blocks of content development tools, using a wide range of attitudes in a bilingual environment. 

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Serbian Kindergarten, Primary School, High School and Dormitory Nikola Tesla 

1074 Budapest, Rózsák tere 6-7
tel: +36-1351-6550 fax: +36-1351-6554

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